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01 March 2011 @ 09:03 pm
Update #414 - March 1, 2011
virtualpersonal - Running on Empty, 4/?, Crossover BtVS/Supernatural, Spike/Dean, Sam, Bobby, NC-17
dragonydreams - Across the Universe, Chapter 6/6, Willow/Lindsey, AtS Team, NC-17
velvetwhip - Think of Me as Your Friend, Chapter Twenty-Five, Willow/Spike, FRAO/NC-17
valyssia - Crimes, Ten, Buffy/Faith, Adult**

metafandom - February 21st, March 1st

Fandom Newsletter Updates
firefly_signal - February 23rd, February 24th, February 25th, February 26th, February 28th, February 28th, March 1st
crossover_news - Volume 006, Issue 050; Volume 006, Issue 051, Volume 006, Issue 052, Volume 006, Issue 053, Volume 006, Issue 054
bc_updates - February 22nd – 24th, February 25th – 28th

At buffyversetop5, Worlds Without Shrimp will be opening on April 1st for recs for Firefly, Dr. Horrible, Dollhouse and all things Whedonian outside of the Buffyverse. As always, crossover fanworks with any of these fandoms are welcome. Guidelines are here.

staringiscaring is hosting a comment ficathon celebrating historical Slayers, here.
15 February 2011 @ 08:56 pm
Update #412 - February 15, 2011
velvetwhip - Think of Me as Your Friend, Chapter Twenty-Three, Willow/Spike, FRAO/NC-17
valyssia - Crimes, Eight Pt. 1, Pt. 2, Buffy/Faith, Adult

Standalone Fics
staringiscaring - Made of Steam, Kendra, R

metafandom - February 9th, February 12th

Fandom Newsletter Updates
firefly_signal - February 8th, February 9th, February 10th, February 11th, February 12th, February 14th, February 15th, February 16th^^
crossover_news - Volume 006, Issue 037; Volume 006, Issue 038, Volume 006, Issue 039, Volume 006, Issue 040, Volume 006, Issue 041, Volume 006, Issue 042, Volume 006, Issue 043
bc_updates - February 8th – 11th, February 12th – 14th

fandomonium_rp is a RPing comm which is multi-fandom - the likes of Buffy and Faith rub elbows (and, at times, other parts) with James Potter, the Doctor (and sometimes even Sam and Dean)!
Round 23 of the Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards have now opened for nominations.
07 February 2011 @ 09:12 pm
Update #411 - February 7, 2011
Because there was a break in the postings here, I'll only go back until the beginning of February.

velvetwhip - Think of Me as Your Friend, Chapter Twenty-One, Chapter Twenty-Two, Willow/Spike, FRAO/NC-17
valyssia - Crimes, Five, Six, Buffy/Faith, Adult
dragonydreams - Across the Universe, 4/6, Willow/Lindsey, AtS Team, PG-13**

Standalone Fics
staringiscaring - Understudy, Dollhouse, Ivy, G
consumedly - Match Made in Heaven, Faith/Xander, R
delta_mai - Child of Vengenance, Part One , Part Two,Part Three, Part Four, Jenny Calendar, D'Hoffryn, Angel(us), Giles, Willow

smth_blue - 4 BtVS, AtS wallpapers .
dragonydreams - Whedonverse icons
delta_mai - Whedonverse icons

metafandom - February 5th, February 6th , February 7th

Fandom Newsletter Updates
giles_watchers - February 7th
firefly_signal - February 1st, February 2nd, February 3rd, February 4th, February 5th, February 6th, February 7th^^
crossover_news - Volume 006, Issue 031; Volume 006, Issue 035, Volume 006, Issue 036
bc_updates - January 31st – February 4th, February 5th – 7th

The Welcome to the Hellmouth Awards are open. Nominate here.
19 October 2010 @ 09:37 pm
Update #410 - October 19, 2010
Standalone Fics
snowpuppies - Awakening, Willow/Tara, R, and Bursting into Life, Willow/Tara, G, and a love letter (never written) Willow/Kennedy, R, Thicker than Water, Dru, Dru/Connor, NC-17, and War Song, Willow/Veruca, NC-17, And Life (is like a song), Willow/Oz, NC-17**

pamsblau - BtVS icons .

metafandom - October 13th, October 16th, October 17th

Fandom Newsletter Updates
firefly_signal - October 13th, October 14th, October 15th, October 16th, October 17th, October 18th, October 19th^^
crossover_news - Volume 005, Issue 274; Volume 005, Issue 275, Volume 005, Issue 276, Volume 005, Issue 277
bc_updates - October 12rd – 14th, October 15th – 19th

buffyversetop5 opens on October 28th for classic recs. Details are here.
city_land is a inactive community based on four fandoms. Details are here.

staringiscaring has posted a tribute to BtVS's Gunn, featuring her fics and recs for other fics, meta and art here.
28 September 2010 @ 09:38 pm
Update #407 - September 28, 2010
Standalone Fic
snowpuppies - All Fly Away, Cordy/Dawn, R
angearia - Solid Through, Giles, Faith, PG-13
coalitiongirl - We All Fall Down, Buffy/Xander, PG

velvetwhip - Come Pouring Down Unified, (Chapter Twenty-Two) , (Chapter Twenty-Three), Willow/Angel, Spike/Buffy, FRAO/NC-17

dragonydreams - 19 Whedonverse icons here **

metafandom - September 23rd, September 23rd – 24th

Fandom Newsletter Updates
giles_watchers - September 25th
firefly_signal - September 21st, September 22nd, September 23rd, September 24th, September 25th, September 27th, September 27th, September 28th^^
crossover_news - Volume 005, Issue 255; Volume 005, Issue 256, Volume 005, Issue 257, Volume 005, Issue 260, Volume 005, Issue 261
bc_updates - September 21st – 23rd, September 24th – 26th

This week's fantas_magoria prompts are for episodes from BtVS, "Pangs", and from AtS, "I Will Remember You".

Winners have been announced for Round Twenty-One of the Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards.
21 September 2010 @ 12:51 pm
Update #406 - September 21, 2010
Standalone Fic
dubiousuniverse - Monsters, Wes/Fred, NC-17
azephirin - Attach Themselves as Scars, Crossover BtVS/HP/Twilight, Ginevra, Rosalie, PG
azephirin - His Hammer Is My Axe Political RPF/Harry Potter/ Jossverse, Barak Obama/Rahm Emanuel, R
babydykecate has several stories: A History of Tara, Tara/OC, Tara/Willow, PG-13; Welcome to Sunnydale, Willow/Fred, PG; The Girl Who Was Chosen Last, Faith, PG; Sinking Ships, Dollhouse, Whiskey, PG

velvetwhip - Come Pouring Down Unified, (Chapter Twenty) , (Chapter Twenty-One), Willow/Angel, Spike/Buffy, FRAO/NC-17**

pamsblau - Buffyverse icons and artwork here and here
delta_mai - BtVS icons

Fandom Newsletter Updates
giles_watchers - September 13th
firefly_signal - September 14th, September 15th, September 16th, September 17th, September 18th, September 20th, September 20th, September 21st^^
crossover_news - Volume 005, Issue 248; Volume 005, Issue 246, Volume 005, Issue 249, Volume 005, Issue 250, Volume 005, Issue 251, Volume 005, Issue 252, Volume 005, Issue 253, Volume 005, Issue 254
bc_updates - September 14th – 16th, September 17th – 20th

whichwitch has announced a Willow ficathon, dates and rules are here.
This week's fantas_magoria promptsare for episodes from BtVS, "The Initiative", and from AtS, "Bachelor Party".**

lynnenne asks Spike/Angel: Doomed or not Doomed?
13 September 2010 @ 10:26 pm
Update #405 - September 13, 2010
Standalone Fics
dubiousuniverse - Blood, Through Cracks in the Metaverse: Chapter One, with links to further chapters, Crossover Whedonverse/Dr. Who, Ensemble, NC-17

velvetwhip - Come Pouring Down Unified, (Chapter Nineteen) , (Chapter Eighteen), Willow/Angel, Spike/Buffy, FRAO/NC-17**

Fandom Newsletter Updates
giles_watchers - September 8th
firefly_signal - September 7th, September 8th, September 9th, September 10th, September 11th, September 13th, September 13th^^
crossover_news - Volume 005, Issue 204; Volume 005, Issue 206, Volume 005, Issue 205, Volume 005, Issue 243, Volume 005, Issue 244, Volme 005, Issue 245
bc_updates - September 7th – 8th, September 9th – 12th

This week's fantas_magoria prompts are for episodes from BtVS, "Wild at Heart", and from AtS, "Sense and Sensitivity".
06 September 2010 @ 07:29 pm
Update #404 - September 6, 2010
velvetwhip - Come Pouring Down Unified, (Chapter Seventeen) , (Chapter Eighteen), Willow/Angel, Spike/Buffy, FRAO/NC-17**

wickedgrdn - BtVS icons

metafandom - September 3rd

Fandom Newsletter Updates
firefly_signal - August 31st, September 1st, September 2nd, September 3rd, September 5th, September 6th, September 6th^^
crossover_news - Volume 005, Issue 201; Volume 005, Issue 202, Volume 005, Issue 203
bc_updates - August 31st – September 1st, September 2nd – 6th

city_land is an interactive team community centered around four towns with a bite: Bon Temps (True Blood), Los Angeles (Angel), Mystic Falls (The Vampire Diaries), and Sunnydale (Buffy the Vampire Slayer). When you apply, you will become a citizen of the town of your choice --and you'll get to play with all the characters who live there!
fantas_magoria is back with prompts for episodes from BtVS, "Beer Bad", and from AtS, "Rm w a Vu".
09 August 2010 @ 09:08 pm
Update #400 - August 9, 2010
velvetwhip - Come Pouring Down Unified, (Chapter Twelve)
dubiousuniverse - Blood, Through Cracks in the Metaverse, Chapter One, Chapter Two, BtVS/AtS, Dr. Who Crossover, Wes/Cordelia, Giles/Cordelia, NC-17**

metafandom - August 6th, August 7th, August 8th

Fandom Newsletter Updates
giles_watchers - August 1st, August 8th
firefly_signal - August 3rd, August 5th, August 5th, August 6th, August 8th, August 9th, August 9th^^
crossover_news - Volume 005, Issue 214; Volume 005, Issue 215, Volume 005, Issue 216, Volume 005, Issue 217, Volume 005, Issue 218
bc_updates - August 3rd – 4th

fantas_magoria is back starting with "Living Conditions" from BtVS and "Lonely Hearts" from AtS. Prompts are here.
30daysofbuffy and 30daysofangel are two new communities which are all about gathering the replies to the 30 day memes centered around BtVS and AtS.
02 August 2010 @ 09:07 pm
Update #399 - August 2, 2010
velvetwhip - Come Pouring Down Unified, (Chapter Ten) , (Chapter Eleven), Willow/Angel, Spike/Buffy, FRAO/NC-17**

Standalone Fics
dubiousuniverse - Exit Music for Lost Souls, Chapter One (links to four other chapters), Giles, Wesley, Ensemble, NC-17

metafandom - July 31st

Fandom Newsletter Updates
giles_watchers - July 29th
firefly_signal - July 27th, July 28th, July 29th, July 30th, August 1st, August 2nd^^
crossover_news - Volume 005, Issue 207; Volume 005, Issue 208, Volume 005, Issue 209, Volume 005, Issue 210, Volume 005, Issue 211, Volume 005, Issue 212
bc_updates - July 22nd – 26th, July 27th - 29th, July 30th – August 2nd

jossverse_las is a new fanfic last authors standing community.
"Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards" is open for Round 12. Voting is here; Nominees are here.
fantas_magoria is back starting with "The Freshman" from BtVS and "City of" from AtS. Prompts are here.

whedongal brings word of Whedon Fest, a convention happening in Toronto, Canada on Oct 1 - 3, 2010 at the Sheraton Hotel and Conference Centre.Guests include Amy Acker and Christian Kane, both in their first Canadian convention appearances! Also attending is Nick Brendon, with more guests to come.You can check out the official event site at www.starrynightevents.com or www.twitter.com/whedonfest
12 July 2010 @ 07:06 pm
Update #396 - July 12, 2010
velvetwhip - Come Pouring Down Unified, (Chapter 4) (Chapter 5), (Chapter 6) , Willow/Angel, Buffy/Angel, NC-17/FRAO
lusciousxander - Put Yourself in My Shoes, Pt. One Buffy, Xander, PG-13
kanedax - White Hat, (Portal, Chapter 2), Posted on DW, Giles, Ensemble, R

Standalone Fic
nomelon - But now that time has passed, Angel/Buffy/Riley, NC-17
dubiousuniverse - Five by Five, Faith/Wesley, Giles/Wesley, NC-17
darkhavens - Epiphany, Spike/Xander, PG-13
mouthmount - The Buffy Liberation Organization, Buffy, Wesley, PG-13

xlivvielockex - BtVS, AtS icons here, here, and here**

metafandom - July 6th, July 7th, July 8th – 9th, July 11th

Fandom Newsletter Updates
giles_watchers - July 8th
firefly_signal - July 6th, July 7th, July 8th, July 9th, July 10th, July 12th^^
crossover_news - Volume 005, Issue 186; Volume 005, Issue 185, Volume 005, Issue 189
bc_updates - July 5th – 9th, July 10th – 11th

summer_of_giles is still going on.
buffyquestions asks Which of Joss' undeveloped projects would you like to see? And why? and What Whedonverse spin-off would you like to see?
You have until the end of July to join the fantas_magoria "Tag Line Challenge": fiction, artwork, video, meta...