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Volunteer Collaters

Welcome to the volunteer list and sample post of whedon_updates.

Information is collated from whedonverse_nb and also any relevant posts on the flist at whedon_watching.

Within each category - Standalone Fics, Updated WiPs, Drabbles - posts with the same pairings should be grouped together (as shown below: Spander with Spander, Spangel with Spangel etc).

Once you are accepted as a collater you will be given posting access. Use it wisely! ;)


Monday -
Tuesday -
Wednesday - staticspinning
Thursday -
Friday -
Saturday -
Sunday - lycomingst

Backup Collaters:

I'd like the posts to be formatted similarly to those at su_herald and bc_updates:

Standalone Fics:

authorusername - Spander With A Twist, Spike/Xander, NC-17
authorusername - Spanking Spander, Spike/Xander, R
authorusername - Out of the Closet, Spike/Xander, PG13

authorusername - Brood Brothers, Spike/Angel, PG13
authorusername - Moonlight of the Eternal Souled, Spike/Angel, R
authorusername - Never Gonna Work, Spike/Angel, NC-17
authorusername - Ghost, Spangel Style, Spike/Angel, PG-13

authorusername - Teaching Buffy, Buffy/Giles, R
authorusername - Bedheads and Broomsticks, Spike/Willow, PG
authorusername - Green Is The Colour, Willow/Riley/Adam, NC-17

Updated WiPs

authorusername - Spander On Ice, chapter 47, Spike/Xander, G
authorusername - Switch-hitting, chapters six, seven and eight, Buffy/Faith, Buffy/Spike, Buffy/Faith/Spike NC-17 overall


authorusername - Ticket To Ride, Cordelia/Harmony/Andrew, PG-13
authorusername - Small is Beautiful, Snyder/Angel, NC-17
authorusername - Last Meal, Drusilla/Darla/Lindsey, R


authorusername - Nicky Brendon icons **
authorusername - Spike/Angel NC-17 manip

Fandom Newsletter Updates

[info]commusername post for August 30th
[info]commusername post for August 28th-30th ^^


News about James Marster's new role
Nicky Brendon's latest audio blog
Adam Baldwin in yet another new show
authorusername posts a Buffy/Angel vid
150_comms - new multifandom Big Damn Table community
joss100 - new Jossverse Big Damn Table community
[info]snygel - new Snyder/Angel community

** denotes the most recent noticeboard post added, so the next compiler knows where to start from.
^^ denotes the most recent whedon_watching flist post added, so the next compiler knows where to start from.

PS: If you know of a newsletter or announcement-type comm that you think should be added to the whedon_watching flist, please comment here to let us know. Thanks!
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